Are You A Procrastinator Quiz?

Welcome to Are You A Procrastinator?  Are you a procrastinator? This quick survey will give you that answer!

This survey has only nine questions so it won't take long. Okay, let's go!

1. ProcrastinationI delay tasks beyond what is reasonable.
2. ProcrastinationI do everything when I believe it needs to be done
3. ProcrastinationAdd I often regret not getting to tasks sooner.
4. ProcrastinationThere are aspects of my life that I put off, though I know I shouldn't
5. ProcrastinationIf there is something I should do, I get to it before attending to lesser tasks
6. ProcrastinationI put things off so long that my well-being or efficiency unnecessarily suffers.
7. ProcrastinationAt the end of the day, I know I could have better spent my time.
8. ProcrastinationI spend my time wisely.
9. ProcrastinationWhen I should be doing one thing, I will do another.
10. ProcrastinationI delay tasks beyond what is reasonable.


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8 thoughts on “Are You A Procrastinator Quiz?”

  1. Great post. I scored pretty well on the quiz. I have found that a weekly ” to do” list helps me to stay focused and not procrastinate.

    • A to-do list is a smart move! How great that it keeps you productive! I’ve tried but tend to put off the tasks I don’t like. I’m going with a daily one to see if it works better.Thanks!


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