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Want to Increase Your Lifespan?

Want To Increase Your Lifespan?

Do you want to increase your lifespan? Let’s look at some actionable methods to increase longevity, from food choices, to supplements to lifestyle choices to slow aging.

The Science Behind Positive Affirmations_aster

The Science Behind Positive Affirmations

The science is unequivocal. Positive self-talk affirmations improve our health. Let’s look at the science behind positive affirmations! And easy ways how to combat negative self-talk, so we can all be healthier & happier. Will there be treats?  I agree w/ Louie, because treats make me happy, too! But I want lasting, calorie-free, drug-free ideas

six easy ways to boost your metabolism

Six Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Why do you want six easy ways to boost your metabolism? Because six easy ways to boost your metabolism means that I’ve found six easy ways to burn more calories! Even when you’re doing absolutely nothing at all!  First, we need to define the term, basal metabolic rate. WHAT IS BASAL METABOLIC RATE? DO I

How To Harness The Power of The Sun

How To Harness the Power of the Sun

How to harness the power of the sun? That’s a big endeavor! Scientists have been on a quest to harness the power of the sun for almost 100 years. Why? Because the sun’s power is the best renewable energy source for the future.

The Science of Marijuana_flask w cannabis leaves

The Science of Marijuana

Now more than ever, the science of marijuana needs a blog post! Why are so many states legalizing marijuana? How does marijuana affect your brain? Is marijuana even safe?

Why Are Rare Earth Metals Important

Why Are Rare Earth Metals Important?

Why are rare earth metals important? What are rare earth metals? The uses for rare earth metals are as diverse as they are important! Let’s take a look.

The Science of Fear_graveyard spanish moss

The Science Of Fear

Why do we like to be scared? Some of us do, anyway! Let’s take a look at the science of fear, define ‘what is fear,’ and see why some of us like to be scared! Louie is firmly in the, ‘I don’t like being scared’ category! WHAT IS FEAR? This chart made me curious about

Top 10 Winter Skin Care Tips_boys

Top 10 Winter Skin Care Tips

 Since I am experiencing dry, itchy winter skin,  I needed a top 10 winter skin care tips list. I decided to investigate. And share my winter skin care tips with you! This information is relevant if you have skin, no matter where you live. WINTER SKIN CARE TIPS If you live anywhere that experiences winter

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