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I love to make sense of science which is why I love writing magazine articles-nonfiction. After all, our world is here because of science. Science is everywhere, from cooking to the weather to using our cell phones…to us! And science can feel like a completely foreign language, with its own terminology and rules that are hard to get one’s head around. 

Even posting this blog and trying to get the photos to line up can make me want to throw my mouse at the wall. Except I’d break it and then where would I be? (I hate track pads)

The same way as with language, once you learn the basics, begin to understand the meanings of the words, a whole new world opens up. 

That’s why I love writing about biology, physics, and chemistry. I’ve researched and written articles about topics from optics to elephants. It helps me to understand how the world works and the why behind everything! 

And I incorporate science into my fiction, too! 

I’m excited about my book Chemical Reactions, published by Nomad Press in 2021. I’m having tons of fun devising the experiments. Here are several that focus on forensics! As for Louie our boxer? He’s not quite as enthusiastic as me. 

I have a new appreciation for scientists because the experiments don’t always work the first time. Or the second…But these messy science experiments do work!

But with what other discipline of science can we make colors change, or there’s a potential for explosions, such as fireworks

Louie is intimidated by the experiment
Louie finds it cool after all

Highlights for Kids has one of my articles online here!

Biggest Friends Forever highlights (pun intended) a few of the deserving elephants, living at a non-profit refuge; The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.

Trunk Hugs Elephants
'The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee'


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