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Science is amazing! From cool chemistry, biology, and physics experiments you can do with your kids or to impress your friends, to articles that deconstruct the why behind how science works, you’ll find intriguing topics here to explore.

About Sue

I earned my B.S. in biology with a minor in chemistry, then went on to attain a D.D.S. from Marquette University. I spent a year in New York at a Veterans’ hospital in a residency program, after which time, I practiced dentistry for ten years. 

When our oldest son was in third grade, his teacher considered him a talented writer with a lot of potential. He must have acquired that talent from somewhere. Maybe even from me!

I sat down and wrote a novel—in long hand—start to finish. After reading that draft, I realized it was time to learn how to write. I wanted to follow my dream.

I’ve since sold dozens of stories to publications such as HighlightsAskMuseLadybugBoys’ Life and more. I’m a member of the SCBWI, and served as our local chapter’s Critique Group Coordinator for three years.


Louie the Science dog can't type
Louie wishes that he had opposable thumbs because he’s got great story ideas, mostly involving tag, keep away, and tug-of-war.
Sue's Desk
My desk on a neat day. Ozzie, our bearded dragon thinks he’s a copy editor. …Don’t ask how he marks up copy he doesn’t like!
Bubble bath
Our three boys. They love this photo. (Not!)

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When I’m not researching the mysteries of science or immersed in fictional world-building and characters, you can find me walking with our dog Louie, practicing yoga, reading absolutely everything I can, gardening and cooking.

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