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Small Sue

Unfortunately, I looked like this until I was thirteen. My mom didn’t know how to handle curly hair so she kept it short. And she used a brush –another no-no for curly hair– on my poor sister and me. We were mistaken for boys on a regular basis. Being a boy, my brother sustained no scars from having hair like this!

The horse’s name was Surprise. He surprised me moments later when he threw me off!

While growing up, I spent many summers at camp in northern Wisconsin, where I learned how to sail, canoe, water ski and ride. I loved riding and especially jumping. I worked hard to master canoeing and camp craft skills, because I liked getting away from the camp and going on trips, real camping with tents and using canoes for travel, shooting rapids and portaging when necessary. Take note of my hair in the photo on the right.

I finally grew my hair out in high school. I swam and took as few writing classes as humanly possible. I stuck with the comfortable right and wrong of math and science instead. Fear of failure kept me from writing all through undergrad and dental school. I’ve always been an avid reader though. I still read every night before bed.

I finished undergrad with a B.S. in Chemistry, then went straight to Marquette University School of Dentistry. I met my future husband there. Shortly after graduation, we moved to New York for residencies at a Veteran’s hospital.

My husband Tim and our first dog, Chelsea

Soon Tim decided that he didn’t like practicing dentistry after all. We both believe that it’s important to follow your heart, so he went back to school while I worked. I practiced for ten years in three states; New York, Colorado, and Wisconsin and, coincidentally, we had three boys. We lived in Michigan for four years, which doesn’t fit w/ the rule of three I was developing, but that can’t be helped.

When our oldest son was in third grade, (another three) his teacher considered him a talented writer with a lot of potential. I decided he must have acquired that talent from somewhere. Maybe even from me! I sat down and wrote a novel –in long hand– start to finish. After reading that draft, I realized it was time to learn how to write.

My desk on a neat day. Yes, that is a lizard. His name is Ozzie.

I’ve since sold over two dozen short stories to publications such as Highlights For Children. Ladybug, Rainbow Rumpus, Boys’ Life and more. I’ve won an honorable mention or two. I’m still writing and learning.


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